14 July 2023

Bitterly cold weather with snow on mountaintops and in cities at high altitude  like Johannesburg, prevailed during this sampling week. In response pollen and fungal spore concentrations remained low. The rain spore, Pleospora appeared in the Cape and complaints about indoor mould increased. Cape Town Pollen and fungal spore/mould concentrations remained at very low levels […]

12 May 2023

Summary Low temperatures and rain removed pollen and fungal spores from the atmosphere and this can be seen in the low figures. The only elevated scores were seen in Potchefstroom and Durban, where moulds were moderate. Cape Town Pollen concentrations remain very low during this early winter period. No grass pollen was detected. Trees included […]

19 May 2023

Summary Pollen and fungal spore (mould) concentrations were flat in all cities except Potchefstroom, where mould spores were moderate, in response to rain and low temperatures. Cape Town Pollen in all the categories was low during this sampling period. Trees included Nuxia (forest elder), cypress (Cupressaceae), gum (Myrtaceae), birch (Betulaceae), waxberry (Morella spp.) and the […]

26 May 2023

Summary Pollen and fungal spore concentrations remain low at all the sampled sites except subtropical Durban, where fungal spores were moderate and in Potchefstroom where significant spikes for the allergenic fungal spore Cladosporium occurred. Cape Town The pollen concentrations were all low during this cold early winter rainy sampling week. Tree pollen included waxberry (Morella […]

9 June 2023

Summary Low pollen counts were seen at every site, but tree pollen is increasing at both the Gauteng sites (Johannesburg and Pretoria) and significant counts were seen for beech (Fagus spp.). Cape Town Very cold stormy weather with heavy rain and strong winds battered Cape Town during this sampling period. Low pollen concentrations were seen. […]

16 June 2023

Summary Low temperatures and storms with flooding in some cities reduced pollen and mould in the air. No significant counts were seen. Cape Town Continued storms and heavy rain reduced pollen from the air. Trees detected were gum (Myrtaceae), forest elder (Nuxia spp.), olive (Oleaceae), chestnut (Hippocastanaceae), pine (Pinaceae) and elm (Ulmaceae). Weeds were the […]

23 June 2023

Summary Very low temperatures with storms and flooding in many areas occurred in many parts of South Africa in the past week. These adverse weather conditions are reflected in the low pollen and fungal spore /mould counts. Cape Town Perilous weather conditions prevented the changing of the spore trap this week and so averages of […]

30 June 2023

Summary The rain and storms across South Africa, together with low temperatures have resulted in reduced pollen and mould in the atmosphere. No significant concentrations were recorded. Cape Town The low pollen concentrations are continuing, in keeping with the inclement weather conditions. Trees detected included cypress (Cupressaceae), beech (Fagus spp.), pine (Pinaceae) cedar (Cedrus spp.), […]

7 July 2023

Inclement weather during the midwinter period reduced pollen and fungal spore (mould) concentrations in the atmosphere. Extremely low pollen and mould concentrations were detected at all the sampling sites across South Africa. Cape Town Pollen concentrations remain low in all three categories. Trees were the sumac family (Anacardiaceae), cypress (Cupressaceae) gum (Myrtaceae) and forest elder […]