Pollen Type: Weeds


English Plantain

This weed is widespread throughout South Africa and is seen during most months of the year, although its peak flowering season is in December.

dandelion-taraxacum officinale


The dandelion flowers more strongly in summer but it appears throughout the year. Its peak flowering time is late summer-autumn.



There are numerous species of reeds and they are found throughout South Africa. They are happiest growing close to water in rivers or lakes. The different species flower at different times of the year, so that there is Restio pollen in the air all year round.



There are many species in the Asteraceae family – Spring daisies and Cosmos – and there are few months without cheerful daisies. November and March are the peak months for Cosmos.



Heath are Fynbos plants in the genus Erica. Fynbos are mostly insect-pollinated, but pollen from species of this genus is constantly found from air samples from July until March.

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