Weekly Report

13 December 2019

Overall Risk
Tree Pollen
Grass Pollen
Weed Pollen
Mould Spores


The overall mould load was low, but 24 mm rain at the beginning of the sampling week was followed by a significant level for the allergenic fungal spore Alternaria. Pollen counts were low and consisted of low grass and sedge grass levels and the weed/herbaceous shrub, Euphorbia.


Mould levels were consistently low. Pollen levels were similarly low. Low grass levels were detected and the tree pollen, eucalyptus and pine was identified. Only daisy pollen was identified in the weed category. High levels of particulate matter were noted.

Cape Town

Very low levels of fungal spores were seen at this sampling site in a week of high temperatures, strong south-easterly wind and one light shower of rain. Pollen levels were similarly low. Tree pollen consisted of: cypress, olive, plane, oak and white stinkwood. Weed/herbaceous shrub pollen detected included: Euphorbia, rush, English Plantain and Parietaria.


The fungal spore levels were low at this sampling site throughout the week. Pollen levels were low and consisted of low grass counts, low trees including olive, eucalyptus, pine, yellowwood, acacia and oak. Weed pollen levels were low and consisted of daisy pollen only.


Very low mould levels were detected during this sampling week of heavy rain. Low grass counts and low tree levels including: acacia, bush willow, oak, jacaranda, mulberry and pine were seen. Low levels of the weeds goosefoot and English Plantain were found.


Very low fungal spore levels were detected at this sampling site during this week of lower temperatures with rain. Pollen levels were low. No grass pollen was detected, and tree pollen consisted of mulberry and eucalyptus only. Weed pollen levels were very low and consisted of English Plantain.


Fungal spores increased fourfold following rain. Very high ascospore levels were counted. All pollen levels were low. Low grass counts were detected. Low tree pollen levels (birch, African palm and pine) and low weed/herbaceous shrub: ferns, English Plantain, Parietaria and daisy were detected.


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