Weekly Report

15 February 2020

Overall Risk
Tree Pollen
Grass Pollen
Weed Pollen
Mould Spores

Cape Town

No grass pollen was detected. Tree pollen concentrations were low and included white stinkwood and pine. No weed pollen was detected. Moulds were low.


Grass concentrations were moderate throughout this sampling week. Trees were low and included the types: birch, cypress, eucalyptus and plane. Weeds were similarly low and only Asteraceae (the daisy family) and ferns were detected.


Grass concentrations were moderate to high but disappeared on days with rain. Trees were low and included the types: birch, cypress, mulberry and eucalyptus. Low weed concentrations included: lilies, Asteraceae (the daisy family) and Umbelliferae (the parsley, carrot and celery family). Moulds were low.


Grass levels were very high during this sampling period with concentrations approaching 300 grains/cubic Metre/day on some days. Weeds were low and included English plantain, the daisy family and goosefoot. Trees were also low and the types were: olive, buddleja, cypress, oak, white stinkwood, eucalyptus and searsis/rhus. Moulds were low.


Grass levels declined probably in response to the rain (3mm on 5/2 and 50mm 6-7/2) and thunderstorms for the period 5-7 February. Tree levels were low and the types included white stinkwood, cypress and olive. Weed levels were low and consisted of goosefoot and ragweed. Ragweed was seen for the first time at this site in very low numbers. The pollen could have been transported from a distant source. Moulds were low but increased after rain. One significant count was recorded for Alternaria.


Grass levels were moderate at this sampling site, despite the rain. Tree loads increased as acacia, birch and eucalyptus completed their flowering cycles. Weed levels were low but ragweed breached the significant threshold although this occurred on one day only. Mould counts were high.


Grass concentrations were low at this site. Trees were low and included African palm, yellowwood and eucalyptus. Weed/herbaceous shrubs were low and the types were: Euphorbia, Erica and Asteraceae or the daisy family. Moulds were low.

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