Weekly Report

15 August 2020

Overall Risk
Tree Pollen
Grass Pollen
Weed Pollen
Mould Spores

Cape Town

Grasses were unchanged at low levels. The tree levels surged as on just one sunny day, 8 August, significant tree pollen levels were recorded for cypress. Other flowering trees included oak, gum, white stinkwood, plane and pine. Weed levels were low and included nettles, Erica and the daisy family. Ascospores increased when sun followed rain but the very low temperatures inhibited mould growth.


Grasses were low at this site. Tree pollen levels were high as cypress, white mulberry, acacia, plane, gum, prunus, Searsia/Rhus and oak continued their flowering cycle. Weeds were low and consisted of the daisy family and Erica. Mould levels remained below the significant threshold.


Grass pollen was very low during this sampling period. Tree pollen increased and approached significant levels as cypress, pine, Buddleia and Rhus began their pollen release cycles. No weed pollen was detected and moulds were extremely low.


The overall pollen level increased as significant levels were detected for cypress pollen. Other flowering trees included poplar, pine, white stinkwood and Buddleja. The only weed pollen detected was Caryophyllaceae, the pinks or carnation family. Mould levels were very low.


Grass pollen levels were very low at this site. Tree pollen was low but varied. Tree types detected included cypress, poplar, Rhus and Buddleia. Weed pollen was very low as only sorrel was detected. Mould levels were very low.


Grasses were very low at this sampling site, but tree pollen increased. Significant levels were detected for white mulberry and tree types included, cypress, pine and acacia. Weed pollen was low and consisted of ferns and sedges. Mould levels fluctuated from low to moderate as small spikes were seen for Cladosporium.


Last week’s pollen findings are repeated as the current week has been delayed. New findings will be posted once the analysis is complete. Grass and tree levels were low. Tree pollen included gum and waxberry. Weeds were also low and included sedge, the daisy family, Stoebe (slangbos) and lilies. Moulds were consistently low with small insignificant spikes for ascospores