Weekly Report

20 February 2020

Overall Risk
Tree Pollen
Grass Pollen
Weed Pollen
Mould Spores

Cape Town

Low grass counts were detected during this sampling week. Tree levels were low and included white stinkwood and pine. Weed levels were also low and the types identified were the daisy family, goosefoot and Erica. Moulds were low.


Grass concentrations were moderate throughout this sampling. The daily concentration was >10 per day. Trees were very low and included the types: cypress and eucalyptus. Weeds were similarly very low and only Asteraceae (the daisy family) and ferns were detected.


Grass concentrations were moderate to high throughout the week. Trees were low and included the types: mulberry, eucalyptus, cypress and mulberry. Low weed concentrations included: Asteraceae (the daisy family). Moulds were the low overall but with some spikes for Aspergillus/Penicillium and Cladosporium.


Grass counts were high. Tree pollen levels were low and included Buddleja, cypess, olive, oak, pine and bush willow. Weeds were detected in low amounts and only the daisy family and goosefoot were observed. Moulds were low.


Kimberley’s levels have had to be repeated from the previous week as a result of the non delivery of the pollen strip.


Grass levels were high at this sampling site. Tree loads increased, and were dominated by birch, with eucalyptus and white stinkwood also recorded. Weed levels were low, including ragweed.


Grass levels were low. Tree were low and included Casuarina, Morella (waxberry)and yellowwood. Weeds were low and the types detected were protea, the daisy family and Caryophyllaceae (the carnation family). Moulds were low, but increased after rain.