Weekly Report

20 November 2020

Overall Risk
Tree Pollen
Grass Pollen
Weed Pollen
Mould Spores


Cape Town

Grass and tree levels decreased. Tree types detected were pine, yellowwood (Podocarpus) and kareeboom (Searsia/Rhus). Low weed concentrations included (Cyperus) sedge, Erica, goosefoot (Chenopod), the daisy family (Asteraceae), and English Plantain (Plantago). Moulds were low.


Grass levels were low at this site. Tree types detected were bush willow (Combretum), cypress (Cupressus), white mulberry (Morus), gum (Myrtus), and yellowwood (Podocarpus spp). Low tree levels were measured. Low weed concentrations included the types English Plantain (Plantago), the daisy family (Asteraceae), and pellitory of the wall (Parietaria). Moulds were consistently low.


Continued rain removed pollen and fungal spores from the air but fungal spores surged during days with some sun. Significant Cladosporium loads occurred. Tree pollen was low as white mulberry (Morus), white stinkwood (Celtis) cypress (Cupressus), gum (Myrtus) and yellowwood (Podocarpus) were detected. Grass levels were low. Weeds were sparse and slangbos (Stoebe type), bulrush (Typha spp) leucadendron and pellitory of the wall (Parietaria) were detected.


Grass levels were low. Trees were similarly low and the types detected were kareeboom (Searsia/Rhus) olive (Olea), acacia, gum (Myrtus) and ebony (Euclea). Low weed levels included goosefoot (Chenopod) and the daisy family (Asteraceae). Moulds were low.


Grasses were low but increased to breach the significant threshold of 10 grains/cubic metre following rain. Tree pollen was low and included pecan (Carya), ebony (Euclea), olive (Olea), willow (Salix), pine, cypress (Cupressus), and gum (Myrtus). Weeds were low and include sorrel (Rumex) and goosefoot (Chenopod). Maize (Zea mays) appeared in low numbers following rain. Moulds were low.


No grass was detected during this sampling period. Tree pollen was low and the types pine (Pinus), yellowwood (Podocarpus spp), pecan (Carya), white stinkwood (Celtis), plane (Platanus), poplar (Populus), white mulberry (Morus), and waxberry (Morella) were detected. Low weed concentrations included English Plantain (Plantago).


Low grass levels were measured during this period. Low tree concentrations included the types acacia, cypress (Cuppressus), gum (Myrtus) and pine (Pinus). Weeds were low and the daisy family (Asteraceae), sedges (Cyperus) and gonna bush (Passerina) were detected. Moulds were low.

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