Weekly Report

23 May 2020

Overall Risk
Tree Pollen
Grass Pollen
Weed Pollen
Mould Spores

Cape Town

Grass levels were very low. Tree pollen, including cypress and gum was also low. Low weed levels included Stoebe, an indigenous shrub, goosefoot and Erica. Moulds were very low.


Low to moderate grass counts continued as the grass season winds down. Low tree levels including cypress, birch, linden and gum were seen. Weed pollen levels were also low and consisted of the daisy family, Stoebe, an African shrub, goosefoot and Polygonaceae (a group of herbs or shrubs). Moulds were low.

Pretoria: Locked down

Bloemfontein: Locked down


The grass levels ranged from low to moderate. Tree levels consisted of low levels of cypress and Rhus and the weed levels were equally low. Only goosefoot and the daisy family were detected. Significant levels were seen for Alternaria and small spikes were seen for Cladosporium mould spores.


Grasses were at low levels, only low levels of tree pollen were seen and only eucalyptus pollen was detected. Weed pollens were low but more varied and the weed types: ragweed, the daisy family, goosefoot, waxberry and fern spores were identified. Moulds were low with small spikes for ascospores and basidiospores (mushrooms).


Grass levels were low. Trees included eucalyptus, Casuarina and bayberry and the levels were low. Weeds were low and included sedge grass and the daisy family. Mould levels were low with small spikes for ascospores and basidiospores (this group includes mushrooms).

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