Weekly Report

23 October 2020

Overall Risk
Tree Pollen
Grass Pollen
Weed Pollen
Mould Spores

Cape Town

Grasses are moderate but increasing. Tree levels are waning but acacia, cypress, gum, olive, pine, yellowwood, mulberry and oak pollen was detected in the atmosphere. Low weed levels included the types: Erica, dandelion, the daisy family and ferns. Moulds were low.


Tree levels are now decreasing but Linden, oak, gum, white mulberry, yellowwood, pine, Rhus/Searsia, poplar, birch, cypress and bush willow pollen was detected. Low weed levels included the types goosefoot and the pink or carnation family. Grass and mould levels were low.


Tree levels diminished during this sampling week and only Buddleia, Rhus/Searsia, plane, gum and pine pollen was detected. No weed pollen was observed and grass and mould levels were low.


Tree pollen levels are decreasing but a variety of tree pollen types were detected in the air including ash, birch, Buddleia, casuarina, cypress, pine. Plane, olive and Rhus/Searsia. Low weed levels included the types Stoebe, protea and the daisy family. Grass levels were low as were moulds.


Tree, grass, weed and mould levels were all low at this site. Tree pollen detected included mesquite, pecan, chestnut, Buddleia, bush willow, yellowwood and olive. Weed pollen observed was Caryophyllaceae which is the pinks and carnation family, goosefoot, sorrel, the daisy family, Euphorbia and saxifrage (wild cineraria).


Tree pollen levels declined at this site but acacia, ash, birch, casuarina, cypress, gum, yellowwood, pine, pecan and Rhus/Searsia were detected in the air. Low weed levels included the daisy family, goosefoot, English Plantain and Ranunculaceae (buttercups). Grass levels were low and mould levels were similarly low.

Gqeberha: Grasses were low at this site. Low tree levels included the types casuarina, waxberry and pine. Weed levels were low. The daisy family, Caryphyllaceae, the pinks or carnation family, sedges, Erica and Anthospermum (shrubs) were detected. Moulds were low.


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