Weekly Report

24 July 2020

Overall Risk
Tree Pollen
Grass Pollen
Weed Pollen
Mould Spores

Cape Town

Grass levels were very low during this week of storms and heavy rain. Despite the weather tree pollen increased as cypress began its pollen release season. Small amounts of olive and pine were detected. Weed pollen was low and included the daisy family and nettle. Moulds were very low.


Grasses were low. Trees are still low but increasing and a greater variety of trees were detected including cypress, pine, bush willow, plane, linden, gum and Rhus/Searsia. Cypress levels were low to moderate. The weed level was low and included the types: goosefoot, the daisy family, sorrel and Euphorbia. Moulds were low.


Low grass pollen levels were seen but trees are beginning their pollen release season and low levels of cypress, pine and Rhus/Searsia were detected in the atmosphere. Weed pollen levels were low and included the daisy family only.


Grasses are low but are slowly increasing. Tree pollen is also low but increasing numbers of cypress pollen were detected as well as low levels of Rhus/Searsia. Very low levels of goosefoot and Stoebe (slangbos) were seen for weeds and moulds were uniformly low.


Only one grass pollen grain was detected in the air during this sampling week. Tree pollen was also very low and represented by Rhus/Searsia only. The daisy family and ferns were the only weed/shrub pollen observed and moulds were very low.

Durban: The clock stopped after day 2 so the findings were adjusted. No grass or weed pollen was detected during this sampling week. Low levels of tree pollen included only pine and mould levels were very low.


Grasses were low. Tree pollen was low and included Anacardiaceae (cashew and mango), Rhus/Searsia, Casuarina pine, waxberry and olive. Low weed levels were seen and only the daisy family and Protea pollen types were detected. Moulds were low.