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25 June 2021

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Cape Town

Grasses, trees and weeds were low for this sampling period. Tree pollen included cypress (Cupressaceae), gum tree (Myrtaceae), forest elder (Nuxia sp.), Australian pine (Casuarina), waxberry (Morella sp.), olive (Oleaceae) and karee (Rhus sp. / Searsia sp.). The weed pollen detected were the daisy family (Asteraceae), ericas (Ericaceae), goosefoot (Chenopodiaceae), fern spores (Polypodiaceae), mezereum (Thymelaeaceae) and nettles (Urticaceae). Mould counts were moderate.


Grass, trees, weeds and mould were low. Tree pollen included karee (Rhus sp. / Searsia sp.), birch (Betula sp.), and mulberry (Moraceae). The weed pollen detected included the carnation family (Caryophyllaceae), goosefoot (Chenopodiaceae), the daisy family (Asteraceae), mugwort (Artemisia), docks and sorrels (Rumex sp.), spurges (Euphorbia sp.) and ericas (Ericaeae).


Low grass levels were detected. Tree pollen was sparse and included only karee (Searsia sp. / Rhus sp.). The only weed detected was hop-bush (Dodonaea sp.). Moulds were very low.


Grass, tree, weed and mould counts were low for this sampling period. Only karee (Rhus sp. / Searsia sp.) was detected in the category of trees. Weed pollen included the daisy family (Asteraceae), ice plants (Aizoaceae) and ericas (Ericaceae).


Grasses were low at this site. Trees were low but approached the significant threshold as a small spike was seen for karee (Searsia sp. / Rhus sp.). The only other flowering tree detected was forest elder (Nuxia sp.). Low weed levels included the daisy family (Asteraceae), knotweed (Polygonaceae) and goosefoot (Chenopodiaceae). Moulds were low with a small spike for Cladosporium after rain.


Grasses were low. Tree levels were very low as only gum (Myrtaceae), cypress (Cupressaceae) and karee (Searsia sp. / Rhus sp.) were detected in the atmosphere. Low weed levels included the daisy family (Asteraceae), mistletoe (Loranthaceae), mezereum (Thymelaeaceae), knotweed (Polygonaceae) and nettles (Urticaceae). Moulds were low.

Port Elizabeth

Low grass levels were seen at this site. Trees were low and included pine (Pinus sp.), cedar (Pinaceae), yellowwood (Podocarpus sp.), cypress (Cupressaceae) and olive (Oleaceae). Weeds were low and the daisy family (Asteraceae), proteas (Proteaceae) sedges (Cyperaceae), ericas (Ericaceae) and slangbos (Stoebe-type) were detected. Mouds were low.

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