Weekly Report

25 September 2020

Overall Risk
Tree Pollen
Grass Pollen
Weed Pollen
Mould Spores

Cape Town

The spore trap is not yet repaired so 10-year averages are given. For this sampling period grass levels are typically low, tree pollen is high as cypress, olive, oak, gum, pine, yellowwood, Rhus and white mulberry flower. Weeds are low and the daisy family, Erica, sorrel and English Plantain are detected.


Tree pollen levels were high and significant levels were detected for plane, birch, oak, ash, white mulberry and yellowwood. Other flowering trees included the types white stinkwood, gum, coral tree, linden, Casuarina, willow, bush willow, jacaranda, ash and holly. Weed levels were low and included erica. Euphorbia, goosefoot, rape, ferns, sorrel and English Plantain. Grasses and moulds were low.


Tree levels decreased but flowering trees included birch, ash, white mulberry, pine, yellowwood, oak, cypress, mesquite and plane. Low levels of weed pollen included only English Plantain. Grasses were low and low levels of mould were detected.


Tree levels were high and dominated by Buddleja and plane pollen. Other flowering trees were ash, oak, cypress, white mulberry, pine, yellowwood, white stinkwood, gum, willow, poplar and Rhus. Grasses were low. Weeds were low and included the daisy family and Stoebe. Mould levels were very low.


All pollen and mould levels were very low. Tree pollen types were white mulberry and pine. No weed pollen was detected and grass levels were low.


Moulds were high as significant levels of the allergenic spores Cladosporium and Epicoccum were detected. Tree pollen was low and the types were pine, oak, cypress, white stinkwood, chestnut, plane, birch and gum. Low weed levels included Stoebe, goosefoot and English Plantain and grasses were low.


All pollen levels were low. The tree types Casuarina, cypress, olive, pine and waxberry were detected in low quantities. Weed types identified were sedges, Stoebe, the daisy family and Caryophyllaceae, the pinks or carnation family. Grasses and mould levels were low.

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