Weekly Report

26 May 2023

Overall Risk
Tree Pollen
Grass Pollen
Weed Pollen
Mould Spores


Pollen and fungal spore concentrations remain low at all the sampled sites except subtropical Durban, where fungal spores were moderate and in Potchefstroom where significant spikes for the allergenic fungal spore Cladosporium occurred.

Cape Town

The pollen concentrations were all low during this cold early winter rainy sampling week. Tree pollen included waxberry (Morella sp.), forest elder (Nuxia spp.), cypress (Cupressaceae), elm (Ulmaceae) and gum (Myrtaceae). Weeds were goosefoot (Chenopodiaceae), sorrel (Rumex spp), ferns (Polypodiaceae) and knotweed (Persicaria spp.). Fungal spores were low.


An extremely light catch was seen at this sampling site. Trees included forest elder (Nuxia spp) and monkey puzzle tree (Araucaria angustifolia). Weeds were mugwort (Artemisia spp.), the daisy family (Asteraceae) and sorrel (Rumex spp.). Mould spores were very low.


Pollen concentrations were low in this early winter period. Trees included bushwillow (Combretaceae), beech (Fagus spp.) and gum (Myrtaceae). Weeds detected were ferns (Polypodiaceae). Mould spores were low.


All pollen concentrations were low at this site. Trees detected included beech (Fagus spp.), gum (Myrtaceae) and karee (Rhus/Searsia spp.). Weeds were the daisy family (Asteraceae) and the carnation family (Caryophyllaceae., Mould spores were very low.


Very low pollen concentrations were detected at this site during this sampling week. Trees included gum (Myrtaceae), olive (Oleaceae) and poplar (Populaceae). Weeds were goosefoot (Chenpodiaceae) and sedge (Cyperaceae). Moulds were very low.


Pollen was low in the categories of trees, weeds and grasses. Tree pollen included cypress (Cupressaceae), forest elder (Nuxia spp.), mulberry (Moraceae) plane (Platanaceae) and pecan (Carya spp.). Weeds were mugwort (Artemisia spp.), the daisy family (Asteraceae), sorrel (Rumex spp.), plantain (Plantaginaceae) and goosefoot (Chenopodiaceae). Mould spores were low.


Tree, weed and grass pollen concentrations were very low. Trees detected included gum (Myrtaceae), birch (Betulaceae), cypress (Cupressaceae), elm (Ulmaceae), the sumac family (Anacardiaceae), plane (Platanaceae) and pecan (Carya spp). Weeds were goosefoot (Chenopodiaceae), sorrel (Rumex spp.) and the daisy family (Asteraceae). Mould spores were moderate with spikes for the allergenic fungal spore, Cladosporium.


Very low pollen concentrations included the following trees: cedar (Cedrus spp.), waxberry (Morella spp.) and  gum (Myrtaceae). Weeds were erica (Ericaceae). Mould spores were extremely low.


Tree, grass and weed pollen concentrations remain low at this sampling site. Trees identified included gum (Myrtaceae), poplar (Populaceae), oak (Quercus spp.), ragweed (ambrosia spp.) and fern (Polypodiaceae). Mould spores were high as strong spikes for the allergenic fungal spore, Cladosporium, occurred.