Weekly Report

29 May 2020

Overall Risk
Tree Pollen
Grass Pollen
Weed Pollen
Mould Spores

Cape Town

Grass levels were low, tree (gum and pine) were very low and the low weed levels contained only goosefoot. All moulds were low during the sampling period but small spikes were detected for Cladosporium.


Grass levels were low to moderate. Trees levels were very low and only birch, bush willow and gum were detected. Weed pollen levels were also low and Protea, English Plantain, goosefoot, the daisy family, sorrel and fern spores were detected. Mould levels were low,

Pretoria: restarted this wee so there will be findings next week.

Bloemfontein: Locked down.


All pollen and mould levels decreased abruptly during this dry late autumn-early winter period. Grasses were low, tree pollen was very low as only Rhus/Searsia was detected. Weed pollen was also low and only Euphorbia and Rumex (sorrel) pollen was observed.


The sampling strip did not arrive at the laboratory in time for analysis. The findings will be added as soon as the sample is received and analysed.


Grass levels were low. Trees ranged from low to high and included Rhus/Searsia concentrations that exceeded the significant threshold on one day and were detected in the air throughout the week. No weed pollen was detected. Moulds were low but with small spikes for basidiospores (this group includes mushrooms).

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