Weekly Report

31 October 2019

Overall Risk
Tree Pollen
Grass Pollen
Weed Pollen
Mould Spores


Low pollen and fungal spore levels were seen during this sampling period, but grass pollen was present on most days. Tree pollen included  olive and pine trees and weed pollen included daisy and English Plantain.


Pollen and fungal spores were uniformly low during this sampling week of rain and strong wind. Grass pollen appeared in the air in low numbers as did tree pollen: pine, mulberry and eucalyptus. Just one English Plantain pollen grain was seen and fungal spore loads were light.

Cape Town

All air spora were low during this week of low temperatures and torrential rain. Small spikes were seen for ascospores following rain. Trees identified were: mulberry, rhus, eucalyptus and olive.


Grass levels were low but moderate tree levels included: cypress, bush willow, buddleja, acacia, white stinkwood, olive, mulberry, rhus and eucalyptus. Low weed pollen levels included, goosefoot, daisy and erica. Fungal spore levels were low.


Grass and weed pollen levels were low but some moderate tree levels were seen as bush willow, ash, acacia, mulberry, eucalyptus, olive, pine, plane, yellowwood, poplar and white stinkwood completed their flowering cycles. Mould concentrations were low.


No grasses were seen during this sampling week and weed pollen was very low. Tree pollen was low but was represented by: Ash, bush willow,mulberry, eucalyptus,olive, plane, poplar and oak. Mould levels were low.


The spore trap  malfunctioned during this sampling week so these counts are average counts based on previous weeks and weather patterns.

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