Weekly Report

30 July 2021

Overall Risk
Tree Pollen
Grass Pollen
Weed Pollen
Mould Spores

Due to logistical challenges, the results from the previous sampling period are repeated for Pretoria

Cape Town

Grass, tree and weed pollen were low, with tree and weed counts approaching moderate levels. The trees detected included gum (Myrtaceae), karee (Rhus sp. / Searsia sp.), cypress (Cupressaceae), the pine family (Cedrus sp. and Pinus sp.), Australian pine (Casuarina sp.), mulberry (Moraceae) and oak (Quercus sp.). Weed pollen included the daisy family (Asteraceae), ice plants (Aizoaceae), ericas (Ericaceae), plantain (Plantago sp.), sedges (Cyperaceae), ferns (Polypodiaceae), proteas (Proteaceae), nettles (Urticaceae) and knotweeds (Polygonaceae). Mould levels were low.


Grasses, trees, weeds and moulds were low. Trees continued their early pollen release cycle despite the very low temperatures. The tree pollen detected were birch (Betula sp.), bush willow (Combretaceae), cypress (Cupressaceae), gum (Myrtaceae), pine (Pinus sp.), karee (Rhus sp. / Searsia sp.), poplar (Populus sp.) and elm (Ulmus sp.). Weeds pollen included the carnation family (Caryophyllaceae), goosefoot (Chenopodiaceae), mugwort (Artemisia), the daisy family (Asteraceae), mallows (Malvaceae), slangbos (Stoebe-type), spurges (Euphorbia sp.) and ericas (Ericaceae).


Grass, tree, weed and mould counts were all low. Tree pollen included karee (Rhus sp. / Searsia sp.) and cypress (Cupressaceae). The weed pollen detected were slangbos (Stoebe-type) and hop-bush (Dodonaea sp.).


All pollen and mould levels were low. Karee (Rhus sp. / Searsia sp.) was the only tree pollen detected and the daisy family (Asteraceae) was the only weed pollen present.


Pollen levels were very low and only grass pollen was detected in the atmosphere. Moulds were very low.


Grasses, trees and weeds were very low. Tree pollen included pine (Pinaceae) and cypress (Cupressaceae). Weeds detected were the daisy family (Asteraceae) and ferns (Polypodiaceae). Moulds were extremely low. Once again, numerous charcoal fragments were  seen  for every sampling day.


Grass and tree levels were extremely low at this site. Trees detected included Australian pine (Casuarina sp.), the cashew or sumac family (Anacardiaceae) and waxberry (Morella sp.). Low levels of weeds were present in the atmosphere and the types detected were slangbos (Stoebe-type), the carnation family (Caryophyllaceae) and ericas (Ericaceae). Moulds were very low.