Weekly Report

30 October 2020

Overall Risk
Tree Pollen
Grass Pollen
Weed Pollen
Mould Spores

Cape Town

Grasses were high and exceeded the significant threshold every day. Tree levels are still high as cypress (Cupressus spp), olive (Olea Europaea subspp Africana), pine, yellowwood (Podocarpus spp), cedar (Cedrus deodar), gum, linden (Tilia), white stinkwood (Celtis Africana), oak and plane continue to flower. Low weed levels included erica, goosefoot, sedges, the daisy family and English Plantain. Moulds were low.


Tree pollens were at low levels but varied as birch, bush willow, cypress, casuarina, coral tree, jacaranda, white mulberry, gum, olive, pine, Rhus/Searsia, plane, poplar and oak were detected. Low weed levels included the pink and carnation family, goosefoot, the daisy famly, lilies, Stoebe or slangbos, English Plantain, Parietaria or Pellitory-of-the-wall, Euphorbia and Thymelaeaceae (includes Gnidia). Grasses and moulds were low.


Tree pollen levels increased this week and moderate levels included the types pine, yellowwood, birch, linden, white mulberry, olive, gum, jacaranda and rhus/Searsia. Low levels of the weed types English Plantain, Stoebe or slangbos, protea, sorrel and Parietaria or pellitory-of-the-wall were detected, and grass and mould levels were low.


Tree counts were moderate as flowering trees included Buddleia, bush willow, mesquite, linden, acacia, plane, pine and yellowwood. Weeds were low and Stoebe (slangbos), ferns, Persicaria or knotweed, protea, Euphorbia and sorrel were detected. Grasses and moulds were low.


Tree pollen levels were low and included acacia, rhus/Searsia, ash, pecan, mesquite, palm, willow, pine, yellowwood and plane but of interest is the increasing pecan and mesquite levels. Both are allergenic. Weed pollen was low and included the types erica, sorrel, English Plantain, the daisy family, mugwort and Euphorbia. Grasses and moulds were low.


Low tree levels included acacia, birch, casuarina, gum, linden, mesquite, palms, pine, white mulberry and yellowwood. Low weed levels were seen and the daisy family, mugwort, parietaria, knotweed, sedges, goosefoot, English Plantain, Stoebe or slangbos and ferns were detected. Grasses were low and moulds were generally low with small peaks following rain.


Tree levels were low and the types acacia, casuarina, waxberry, gum, olive. Pine, cedar and yelowwood (Podocarpus spp) were detected. Low weed levels included pigweed, the pink or carnation family, sedges, lilies, Stoebe or slangbos and passerina (gonna). Grasses and moulds were low.

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