Weekly Report

6 December 2019

Overall Risk
Tree Pollen
Grass Pollen
Weed Pollen
Mould Spores


All pollen and mould levels were low yet there is clearly more moisture in the atmosphere as the mould/fungal spore Cladosporium is beginning to appear in clumps, instead of single spores. Pollen levels were low, with a constant low presence of grasses and acacia pollen was detected in the category: trees. Euphorbia pollen appeared regularly for the category: weeds and shrubs, along with English Plantain.


The mould levels were low. Pollen levels were also low, but  new species were identified. In the category: Trees, only olive pollen was detected. In the weed/shrub category, Iridaceae, rarely seen at other sites, was detected and Hermannia, a fynbos shrub that has not previously been identified from other sites was seen.

Cape Town

Moulds increased in response to some overnight rain. Ascospores increased and a small spike was seen for Rust spores. Grasses were low, trees were similarly low (eucalyptus, cypress and white stinkwood) and a few weed pollen grains were detected. These were: English Plantain and Euphorbia.


The mould levels were very low. Pollen levels were similarly low and included low levels of grasses and trees including: olive, eucalyptus, white stinkwood, buddleja and oak. Weed pollen included goosefoot.


Mould loads were low but are increasing, especially Cladosporium levels. Pollen levels were low. Grass levels were low. Weeds were low and included, daisy, English Plantain, Prunus and ferns. Tree pollen was also low and included: birch, bush willow, jacaranda, oak, cypress, ash, mulberry, eucalyptus, yellowwood and Rhus/Searsia.


Moulds were low but spikes were seen for Cladosporium indicating an increase in humidity. Trees levels were low and included: birch, bush willow, ash, mulberry, eucalyptus, pine, yellowwood and plane. Grasses were very low. Weed levels were low and included: English Plantain, daisy, Apiaceae (shrubs of the carrot and celery family), Parietaria and the indigenous shrub Stoebe.


Part of the strip was lost during this sampling week so the counts have been extrapolated from previous weeks’ findings and this week’s weather parameters. Mould levels are lower than previous weeks but are still at moderate levels. Pollen levels are low and include low grass counts, birch and mulberry tree and the weed pollen: Daisy and English Plantain.

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