Weekly Report

9 October 2020

Overall Risk
Tree Pollen
Grass Pollen
Weed Pollen
Mould Spores

Cape Town

Historical averages are given for Cape Town from the last 10 years as the spore trap is still being repaired. The trees found during this week are usually: olive, cypress, oak, gum, birch and Rhus. Weeds include English Plantain, the daisy family and the pink or carnation family. Mould loads vary according to weather patterns, increasing on warm days following rain.


Tree levels remained high as acacia, birch, bush willow, cypress, coral, ash. White mulberry, gum, pine, yellowwood, willow, poplar and oak continued their pollen release spring cycle. Weeds were low and included the pink or carnation family, the daisy family, slangbos and the mallow family (Malvaceae). Moulds were consistently low.


Tree levels declined sharply during this sampling week. Birch, cypress, acacia, palm, poplar, bush willow, gum, pine, yellowwood, Rhus/Searsia and white mulberry were detected. Weed types detected included, waxberry, Euphorbia and protea. Grasses and moulds levels were low


Tree counts were still high on some days but are decreasing now. Tree pollen detected included, birch, poplar, Buddleia, oak, ash. Rhus/ Searsia, cypress, pine and yellowwood. Weeds were low and included English Plantain, the daisy family, Euphorbia, protea and Erica. Grasses and mould were low.


Tree levels were low and included the types acacia, cypress, birch, Rhus/Searsia, gum, pine and yellowwood. Low weed levels were detected including goosefoot and Euphorbia. Grasses were low but unevenly distributed so that a spike occurred on one day only. Moulds were consistently low.


Tree counts were again low but varied as cypress, Casuarina, Rhus/Searsia, ash, plane, yellowwood and birch pollen was detected in the air. Weed levels were low and only Ranunculus was detected. Grasses were low. Moulds varied from low to high and significant levels were observed for Epicoccum, an allergenic fungal spore.


Tree pollen was low and included olive, pine and Casuarina. Grasses were very low. Weed levels were low and Euphorbia, Stoebe and waxberry were detected. Mould levels were very low.