Weekly Report

4 September 2020

Overall Risk
Tree Pollen
Grass Pollen
Weed Pollen
Mould Spores

Cape Town

Grasses were low but are slowly increasing. Tree pollen levels surged on dry, sunny days as cypress, pine and plane continued their pollen release cycle. Other tree types included oak, white stinkwood, gum, willow, chestnut, birch, ash and yellowwood. Weeds were low and included erica, Artemisia (mugwort or sagebush), sedge and Rutaceae (the rue family). Moulds were low but one big spike was seen for ascospores on a warm day following rain.


Grasses were low. Tree counts were very high as significant levels of cypress, plane, birch and white mulberry were detected. Other tree types were poplar, gum, acacia, bush willow, pine, yellowwood and oak. Weeds were low and Euphorbia, erica, the daisy family, sorrel, ferns and goosefoot were detected. One grain of Zea mays (maize) was noted. Moulds levels were low.


Grasses were not detected during this sampling week. Tree levels were high as significant numbers were reached for white mulberry. Other flowering trees included pine, plane, poplar, cypress, mesquite and ash. Low weed counts were contributed by protea and Caryophyllaceae, the pink and carnation family. Moulds levels were extremely low.


Grasses were low during this sampling week. Tree counts increased sharply as high counts were detected for buddleja and cypress. Moderate levels were seen for pine and plane and other tree types included willow, oak, white stinkwood and poplar. Low weed levels included the types sorrel and Stoebe, or slangbos. Moulds were very low.


Very low levels of grass were detected. Tree pollen levels were generally low, but ranged from low to moderate during the week as the levels fluctuated. Tree types detected were cypress, pine, yellowwood, white mulberry and pecan. Low weed counts included mugwort, the daisy family ad Stoebe (slangbos). Mould levels were extremely low.


All pollen types and fungal spore genera were extremely low during this sampling period. Tree types detected were pine, yellowwood, cypress, white mulberry and pecan. No grasses were detected. Weed types were mugwort, Stoebe (slangbos) and the daisy family. Mould levels were very low.

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