Weekly Report

6 March 2020

Overall Risk
Tree Pollen
Grass Pollen
Weed Pollen
Mould Spores

Cape Town

This week’s assessment is modelled on 10 years of archived readings. Grass counts are low at this time of year as are trees and weeds. Tree types include bayberry, eucalyptus and olive. Weeds detected are typically the daisy family, goosefoot and dandelion. Moulds are low


Grass concentrations increased throughout this sampling week and levels >10 per day were seen.Trees were very low and included the types: cypress, pine and eucalyptus. Weeds were similarly very low and only Chenopodiaceace (Goosefoot) and Asteraceae were detected. Moulds were generally low.


Grass concentrations were moderate to high throughout the week again exceeding 10 grains/cu M/day. Trees were low and included the types: eucalyptus, cypress and pine. Low weed concentrations included: Chenopodiaceace (Goosefoot) Moulds were generally low but significant levels were detected for Alternaria.


The daily grass levels were high to very high. Tree levels were low and included white stinkwood, Buddleja, and cypress. Weed levels were similarly low as English plantain, the daisy family and goosefoot were detected in low quantities. Moulds were generally low but the fungal spore Alternaria increased to significant levels.


Grass levels were high on each day of this sampling week. Tree levels were low and included cypress and olive. Weed levels were similarly low and included the daisy family, goosefoot and ragweed. Mould levels were low overall, but significant levels were seen for most days of the week for Alternaria.


Grass levels were moderate, and have dropped since last week. Tree loads were substantially lower relative to the previous week, with birch and eucalyptus detected. Weed levels were low, and including low counts of ragweed.


The report is repeated from last week as the spore trap motor failed and a new motor was sourced and fitted during this sampling week. The spore trap is running again and direct counts will be reported again from next week.


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