16 October 2020

Cape Town The spore trap has been repaired and findings will be available from next week. Values given are based on archived data from the last decade. Trees present in the air during the second week in October are birch, cypress, gum, oak, olive, white stinkwood, pine, plane and yellowwood. Erica, the daisy family and […]

31 July 2020

Cape Town Low levels of grass, tree and weed pollen were detected during this sampling week but the tree pollen is showing a slight increase especially for cypress and olive. Rhus/Searsia, mulberry and gum were also detected and Erica alone represented the weeds. Moulds were low. Johannesburg Grasses were low to moderate. Trees were high […]

7 August 2020

Cape Town No grass pollen was detected during this initially cold, dry period even though temperatures increased at the end of the sampling week. Tree pollen levels were generally low, but cypress increased and pine, gum, ash and oak pollen were observed. Weed levels were low and included Erica, Rumex (sorrel), Stoebe (slangbos) and nettle. […]

15 August 2020

Cape Town Grasses were unchanged at low levels. The tree levels surged as on just one sunny day, 8 August, significant tree pollen levels were recorded for cypress. Other flowering trees included oak, gum, white stinkwood, plane and pine. Weed levels were low and included nettles, Erica and the daisy family. Ascospores increased when sun […]

22 August 2020

Cape Town Extremely cold weather with heavy rainfall and snow on high-lying ground was experienced in Cape Town for much of this sampling period. Despite the inclement weather cypress, oak, pine, white mulberry, gum and cedar tree pollen types were detected. Just one weed: Artemisia (mugwort or sagebush) was seen. Grasses and moulds were low. […]

28 August 2020

Cape Town Grasses remained low at this sampling site but tree pollen levels increased as significant numbers of cypress were detected. Other flowering trees were low and included plane, oak and pine. Weeds were low and included Artemisia (mugwort) ferns, sorrel and English Plantain. Moulds were low. Johannesburg Grasses were very low. Tree levels were […]

4 September

Cape Town Grasses were low but are slowly increasing. Tree pollen levels surged on dry, sunny days as cypress, pine and plane continued their pollen release cycle. Other tree types included oak, white stinkwood, gum, willow, chestnut, birch, ash and yellowwood. Weeds were low and included erica, Artemisia (mugwort or sagebush), sedge and Rutaceae (the […]

11 September 2020

Cape Town High tree levels were detected for cypress despite heavy rain. Other flowering trees were: pine, plane, oak and white mulberry. Grasses were low. Low weed levels included Erica and Stoebe. Fungal spores increased as sunny days followed rain and high levels were detected. Johannesburg Tree levels were high as plane and white mulberry […]

18 September 2020

Cape Town The spore trap motor has suffered storm damage. 10-year averages are given and flowering trees in the second week of September include: oak, white stinkwood, pine, yellowwood, mulberry, olive and cypress. Weeds are found in low numbers and include sorrel, goosefoot and daisy. Mould levels are generally low but increase on sunny days […]